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"We've been extremely pleased with Espresso Volare over the years. Espresso Volare has consistently provided great food and beverage, competitive pricing and wonderful customer service."

John Marler
LIME Financial Services, Ltd

Hi Myra — Wanted to thank you for helping us with our last open house. Sorry I couldn’t be there, but everyone said it was great. Jennie said you and she had talked about how much we enjoy doing business with you, and we wanted to extend this e-mail as a way of saying how much we appreciate you and your company.

We just can't say enough good things about Espresso Volare.

You have done several open houses for our clinic and we have always found them to be very professionally presented, and enjoyed by our guests. We have used your services for several early morning functions and found that our guests, and staff, really enjoy all the choices of coffee drinks, teas and pastries to start the day.

You are always on time, cooperative, ready to work in the available area, and deal with the fact that our miniscule kitchen is at the far end of our clinic. The presentation of food and drinks is very appealing and it tastes good, too. Espresso Volare staff are fast, friendly, kind and very helpful.

We will definitely use Espresso Volare again.

Thank you, Myra, for helping us make our open house a success.

Deanna Kelly, Office Coordinator
Jennie McCartney, Administrator
Rehabilitation Medicine Associates, PC


This is long overdue! I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate having your catering service at all of our events including our picnic, holiday event and our annual appreciation dinner. I believe we have been a client for the past eight years and look forward to a long and lasting relationship. And our newest addition, which is the best part of all, is our monthly treat here at our corporate office. It smells like heaven when we walk in the front door and are greeted with a smile from you and your employees offering us a jump-start on the morning.

Myra, you offer a wide variety of beverages to please everyone and your presentation and service is impeccable. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season and a very prosperous 2006.

Kathryn Kelley

Myra has been a pleasure to work with over the last several years. She is very personable, greeting our employees with a smile and engaging them in conversation. She offers personalized service and does a wonderful job of making each drink exactly the way you like it. Our employees look forward to the "real treat" of having Espresso Volare on site and Myra has become a part of our family.

Debbie Bolton
Office Manager, Lane Powell PC

"Espresso Volare has been a part of Saks Fifth Avenue for over eight years and is always a pleasure to have in our store. They are always well prepared, courteous and professional.

Espresso Volare has been a wonderful partner in our Key to the Cure campaign in which we raise funds for local cancer research. Their community involvement is extremely generous and much appreciated.

We always look forward to having Espresso Volare coffee in our store.

Patty Haas
Saks Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR

Espresso Volare provides top notch service! They have the ability to help anyone in any situation and they always deliver as promised. They are truly committed to providing superior customer service, always staffing their coffee carts with friendly, customer-oriented employees. Over the past five years, Espresso Volare has become a valuable partner in providing recognition of a job well done to our valued nurse colleagues. We have enjoyed our interactions with Espresso Volare and feel that their organization continues to care for and want our business.

NW Newborn Specialists
Patty Carney
Event Coordinator

Espresso Volare Catering has been an outstanding partner with the Oregon Zoo for over six years, donating their service to Zoolala, our annual fundraising event. By doing so, they not only get to showcase their delicious coffee, but they've helped The Oregon Zoo Foundation raise more than $770,000 for cutting-edge exhibits and programs at the Zoo.

I look forward to working with Espresso Volare Catering every year. Their community pride and involvement is unrivaled!

Kris Terich
The Oregon Zoo Foundation


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